• American Wine Fine Competition

    2019 AFWC Results Are In!

    The 2019 Wine Competition Results.

    The results are in and the winners have been announced. See if your favorite American wine won a medal from AFWC.

  • American Wine Fine Competition

    How Do You SIP?

    AFWC announces the launch of SIP Social

    Limited monthly events offering to the public the exclusive opportunity to experience some of the winning wines from across our country. Experience the social event of the year. Amazing wine, food and cool sounds.

About AFWC

The AFWC, which began in 2007, has become the most influential wine invitational in the country. The competition takes place each January, and is followed by a series of SIP Social events that feature the award winning wines and help to raise money for a variety of non-profits and continues to promote the wines throughout the year. Since its inception, AFWC has raised more than $1,000,000 for local charities.

AFWC Judging

Making a Difference








Money Raised

SIP Events

AFWC hosts a series events throughout the year all of which raise money for a variety of non-profits while continuing to promote these very special all-American wines, as well as our partners. Since its inception, AFWC has raised more than $1,000,000. These events are desirable marketing and branding opportunities for businesses that partner with AFWC.

Our Founders

The American Fine Wine Competition, which began in 2007, was co-founded by Shari Gherman and Monty & Sara Preiser.

Shari Gherman

Shari Gherman

President & Co-Founder

Monty & Sara Preiser


Joel Feigenheimer, PhD


Our Goal

AFWC Guides the public to America’s Finest Wines.

  • AFWC creates an environment where businesses can benefit, profit and grow by promoting their products and services in an upscale consumer.
  • AFWC produces unique events enabling businesses to give back to their community by supporting non-profit, locally based organizations.
  • AFWC gives sponsors opportunities to entertain and show appreciation to clients, prospects and staff.
  • AFWC offers partners multiple opportunities for brand exposure and relationship building with other sponsors, attendees, and thousands of consumers with discretionary income.
2019 American Fine Wine Competition & SIP Event
After Party Celebration

The 2019 Wine Competition Results

To view the results from the wine competition this past January, click the button to view online and download.

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